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What is Digital Art?

Obtaining a straightforward definition of digital art was harder than I thought it would be.  The question “what is digital art” opens the door for lots of debate.  From my research, I gathered that digital art is art which is created using digital technology.  This technology may be used to alter organically produced artwork, such as sketching or painting, or to create a piece entirely using the computer.  Some argue that computer-generated art is not really art, and the point at which art becomes digital due to the supplemental use of technology in the creation of the art, is unclear.  Digital art and graphic design are often confused, but it could be argued that graphic design is a subcategory of digital art, which has many genres, such as video, games, animation, photography, and many more.  I would define digital art as any art that necessitates the use of computers or other digital technology in the creating process.

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